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Easy stays LL

We are your dedicated partner in short-term rental management, committed to providing exceptional service to property owners and guests alike. We offer customized services covering everything from marketing and booking to cleaning and maintenance, with a focus on attention to detail and excellence. Our experienced team strives to provide fully-furnished apartments and suites with modern amenities in strategically located areas close to major business hubs and transportation links. Additionally, we specialize in corporate housing for business travelers, offering apartments and suites equipped with modern amenities like high-speed internet, cable TV, and housekeeping services

What We offer

Guaranteed Rental Income

We offer landlords peace of mind by guarantee of landlords consistent revenue regardless of occupancy rates, rent collection, or tenant payment issues. Freeing you from the stress and uncertainty of traditional renting.

No Tenant Turnover 

You won't have to pay realtor commissions or wait months for unpaid rent while searching for the right tenant. This process can be expensive and includes expenses such as deep cleaning and repainting, listing fees or realtor commissions, and multiple months of vacancy.

Less Wear & Tear

Our cleaning staff ensures that each unit is thoroughly cleaned and inspected after every guest to keep your property in pristine condition. With our daily attention, your property experiences less wear and tear, avoiding any damage caused by long-term tenants.

Guest Screening 

We screen each guest prior to their arrival to ensure that only approved guests are permitted to stay. This rigorous screening process helps to maintain a secure and safe environment for both the property and its guests.

Why Us

Trust and Safety 


Smart locks are installed on each door. A unique code is generated for each guest.


Noise detection device ensures a peaceful and comfortable environment for both short term rental guests and neighbors.


Security cameras monitor activity 24/7.

Housekeeping personnel

We hire our cleaning staff directly instead of outsourcing, giving us greater control over our cleaning standards and ensuring professional-level cleanliness after each stay. Our staff is meticulously trained to focus on even the smallest details because we understand the significance of cleanliness in earning 5-star reviews.

Multiple units without any issues

Sign multi-year leases for 5-10 units at once and save time and costs finding individual tenants and collecting payments. Contact us if you're selling your apartment or multi-family property with vacant units, and we'll fill them to boost your Cap Rate.

Time to sell?

No need to schedule around tenants or worry about eviction moratoriums when selling your investment property. Your property will always be in excellent condition for potential buyers.

Deep industry knowledge

Our business relies on the trust our current landlords and owners have in us to manage their property. We prioritize safety and security by screening every guest and taking proactive measures. Your property is our responsibility and we are committed to maintaining its upkeep.